Justin Phipps

Justin Phipps

Clockwise: Frisco skatepark, Breck, Mt. Bierstadt, Frisco (2).

by Justin Phipps,

Hey this is Justin. Mostly I write down some of what I am thinking and then I have somebody like my dad put it on the computer because I am not good at typing.

I like snowboarding and skateboarding and so putting information online is something I will be doing. This way my friends and family in other states will know what I am doing. I started snowboarding when I was four. My dad would take me to Copper Mountain and we’d ride Union Creek. We would ride there every weekend. There was pretty good snow that year for learning and by the end of the year I was able to put an edge in the snow and turn my board.

We rode Copper again when I was five and my gramps bought me a Flow Micron 101cm and bindings. It was free for me to ride here because I was still five years old. We had soo much fun because we could ride all over the mountain and the snow was really good and I was having so much fun that I would go all day and get a really bad headache because I wouldn’t drink enough water.

My next year dad and I bought a season pass to Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, Beaver Creek, and A-basin. I got to ride some trees at Beaver Creek with my dad and his friends one day. We rode more at Vail and there was a LOT of snow there and one day I got separated from my dad and Black Tommy, but they waited for me and we kept making laps in Northwoods. My favorite was going to Breckenridge and they have really awesome features in park lane. Dad would let me ride more and more park features at Park Lane on Peak 8 and I was good enough at the end of that season to hit the first jump. It feels good. It was scary at the same time.

We did more of the same the next year when I turned 7 and mom and dad bought me a real Volcom jacket. It was just a little big but I didn’t mind and it is still one of my favorites even though my little sister wears it now. I decided Breck was my favorite place to go but I really liked Vail too because there was powder there and at Breck there was better riding in the park.

Breck, 5 til 5 wallride.

When I got to be 8 we would ride Breck a lot. My dad had knee surgery in the summer from a skate accident so he really couldn’t ride that season. He did sort of ride though just to keep me company and take video and help my little brother and sister learn. I would ride with some of the guys my dad knows or begin to take laps by myself. My little brother and sister got to be really good too and my mom was beginning to ride more too. The snow was really good that year. Every time we rode there was new pow. We rode a lot of Breck that year and Keystone and A-Basin too. Sometimes my dad would let me go with his friends and I think maybe I got even more days riding then he did. Then I got to go to Copper Mountain for Woodward camp that summer. I got to do some cool tricks there and do stuff into the foam pit. I got a big snowboard check that camp from Rome snowboards for an Artifact and I gave it to my dad. He got himself and Artifact cause they don’t come in my size.


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