Von Zipper Rockies

This is some of my Von Zipper collection that I’ll be wearing in 2012. And that’s sloMo modeling my black skylabs with the frankenstrat EVH painted helmet.

by Justin Phipps,

My favorite goggles are from a company named Von Zipper. They make a bunch of different kinds. My first pair was the Feenom. Yep, they’re pretty huge.

At the end of last season 2012 the rep Brad Godbel in Colorado got me some flow and so I ride for him and Von Zipper Rockies. The first time I have even got something that my parents didn’t have to buy for me and it is from the company I was wearing goggle from already and so I didn’t even have to worry about them not feeling good because I got another pair of Feenoms and two pairs of Skylabs too. Brad said that I shouldn’t have to swap out my lenses so much but also I want to wear different goggles depending on my mood or what I might be wearing that day.

So you should check out the Von Zipper Rockies facebook page and give it a like.


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