Cory Sova: Great Divide, film editor, hipster.


Me and Cory down at Great Divide. September 2012.

by Justin Phipps,

Cory Sova, he’s my friend and edits all my video parts for me. He works down at Great Divide in the tap room in Denver. Sometimes we skate but mostly we like to shred Breck and Keystone. In this interview we talk a little about this stuff plus what it’s like to be a hipster!

JP: So our boy Brad says he’s part baby giraffe, and you’re about the same height as he is, what does that make you?

CS: He’s part baby giraffe? When did he say that?? On the other interview. I’m about the same height as him. I don’t know if I’m a giraffe though! That’s pretty intense. What kind of an animal are you, like if you were gonna be one? I’m probably an orangutan! I’ve got a ginger beard. That’s about as close as it gets for me.

JP: I don’t know, I’m pretty small for my age. Um… I like ostriches.

CS: Ostriches hide though.. when they get scared they put their heads in the ground.

JP: I’m obsessed with flying aardvarks.

CS: That’s pretty cool.

JP: (laughing) I don’t know.

CS: I just like the sound of flying aardvarks.

JP: Okay, let’s talk about backlips..

CS: About backlips?

JP: Yeah

CS: Coolest trick ever!

JP: What do you like about em?

CS: They just look steezy, especially if somebody does one through a kink.

JP: Nice

CS: Yep, backlips are awesome, and as soon as I learn to do switch backlips with one foot out I’m gonna quit snowboarding!

JP: You know what, the next question is related to that. Is it true that you’re gonna do a switch backlip through a kink and quit snowboarding??

CS: (laughing) yeah! There has to be a switch backlip through a kink with one foot! I’ve added that this year cause last year toward the end of the year I was thinking that it might end up being a possibility that would happen in the next couple years and I don’t think I wanna quit snowboarding that soon. That’s the game plan, land it, ride away, unstrap, toss the board into the trees and walk down the mountain! I’m done..

JP: Alright. Breck and Keystone are both pretty rad for park and freestyle, talk a little about what you like about both of them.

CS: I like the atmosphere at Keystone, it seems like its more low key and I kinda think they get more creative with their rail features and stuff. But, if you’re gonna hit jumps, Breckenridge is definitely the place to go. The scene at Breck is cooler, you know, there’s definitely more people there, that are there to be seen.

JP: Alright, so you do pretty much everything. How about editing and what you’re inspiration for that?

CS: My inspiration is definitely getting stoked on watching the clips. Then trying to figure out how things are gonna go together and not seem redundant, you know? You can only see the same trick so many
times, but I don’t know, once the clips are set aside, I’m kind of slow to get started and most of that comes from me constantly being influenced by music and I feel like I always have to find the right music for something and it just hits you sometime and once the music is picked and then everything just kinda goes whoosh. Light speed.

JP: Sounds like me with math. I keep looking at strategies and then I find one and then I do.

CS: Well, the other thing with editing is, I think the two most important things, and it’s hard to tell which is gonna be it, but, you should open an edit with a pretty spectacular first trick that’s pretty mind blowing but not entirely mind blowing cause you wanna save the best one for somewhere towards the end. And, its like a buildup. Get people stoked and then you build build build build and then you hit the apex and like WOW!!

JP: Alright. Great Divide Brewery had you pretty busy for the Great American Beer Festival. What was the best thing to come out of that?

CS: (pause) I slept soo good the last day! It was awesome the whole time but I worked a lot and I was just tired. We were in New York City the week before and you pretty much just walk everywhere there so by the time all that was done all I really wanted to do was just sleep.

JP: So how about your technique with pouring and filling the glass? You pour regular or goofy? .. or do you ever hit it switch??

CS: I pour all different directions. Equally regular as goofy. You can’t call it switch cause it’s actually pretty symmetrical. But I have poured backwards before which would make it switch. It all kind of depends on what the necessity is. Sometimes I’ll cross it up, pour cross armed. I’m no Tom Cruise.

JP: Do you have any tricks for it?

CS: There’s the glass flip. I don’t know. Beer, there’s not a whole lot of tricks available. My trick is we have delicious beer and I just pour it and people are stoked! You really don’t have to add any flair.

CS: Hey by the way, I’ll answer your friends question to (via instaGram evinTwinCP). Are there any openings? And here’s my answer for that. You know we’re currently not hiring but we may be in the future. The best thing is to drop off a cover letter and resume that’s precise and developed towards the position at Great Divide that you think you’d like.

JP: So I notice you’re pretty much a hipster.

CS: (laughing)

JP: What else you need besides backlips to pre-qualify as one (a hipster)?

CS: As a hipster?? I don’t necessarily know that I qualify as a hipster. I think I’m too old for that! I think at 35 you can’t qualify. I do have some fancy boots. Riding a Capita and having purple bindings and having skinny pants makes me a snowboard hipster.

JP: And Mrs. Sova is queen of the hipsters and now she’s learning to shred!!

CS: (laughing) She is queen of the hipsters. She’s figuring the shred out. She’ll get there. We still can’t spend too much time with her.

JP: Alright, this one’s funny. The girls in my grade still have cooties. When does that go away??

CS: Ha ha. (pause) Never! (laughing). They always have cooties. They’re what you call.. (pause) Oh man, I’m spacing the term… they’re carriers. They always have them, they’re there. But you can’t tell later on in life, till it’s too late.

JP: Alright, what are me and you, what tricks are we gonna work on this year?

CS: Mmm, that’s a good question. Handplants.

JP: Alright, I wanna learn those..

CS: .. and I wanna learn how to do those, floater tricks, where you go over the knuckle of a jump and before you get to the knuckle you pre ollie and drag your hand across the knuckle.

JP: I think I know that.

CS: They’re kinda like a, what was that trick, like doing a Miller flip over the knuckle of a jump but you have to go fast and just drag your hand as you slide across the top of a jump and the back of the jump drops out and you finish the trick on the other side.

JP: Okay..

CS: Front threes, back fives, for you..

JP: That’s what I was trying, front three to back five, I never got it, but I was really close.

CS: Um, switch frontBoards for you.

JP: Okay, I think I did a few of those last year. I didn’t really get the hang of it. Alright last question, did we cover everything? Is there anything that you want to say?

CS: You’re the one that wrote the questions!

JP: Wait, okay I think I have one, it’s probably not gonna be the best, but, what are you gonna be for Halloween this year?

CS: Oh man, I’ve been trying to figure that one out! Dana and I were talking about going as Dexter and DeDe.

JP: Who are they?

CS: From Dexter’s lab.

JP: Oh!!

CS: From the cartoon. Dana would be Dexter cause she’s short and that would make me DeDe. Would be kinda funny.

JP: Nice!

CS: It’s a little weird since they’re brother and sister though. What are you gonna be for Halloween.

JP: A hot dog.


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