The Rome/SDS Duke Mitten

My little brother thinks that print is a demon monkey carrying his snowboard.

This weekend I went snowboarding at both A-Basin and Keystone and what made this weekend so fun was wearing my new pair of Rome/SDS mittens. The night before we headed up to the mountains my dad showed me my new pair of mittens. From there on for the rest of the night I couldn’t stop looking at, putting on, or touching my new mittens. The next day at Keystone I couldn’t stop talking about my mittens and how warm they were, and, about the awesome print on them. They were just sooo cool. Then the next day at A-Basin it was a little bit nippy, but guess what… my hands inside my mittens were toasty warm. In conclusion, I got some awesome new Rome mittens this year and I thought I could talk about them to you.

The Rome/SDS Duke Mitt

Many thanks to Rome/SDS Rockies,. #shredTheRockies


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