The Frankenstrat Helmet

by Justin Phipps,

What is the Frankenstrat?
Frankenstrat is a helmet we made that is red, black, and white. We got the idea from Eddie Van Halen’s guitar. It took us many, many painting steps to finish the Frankenstrat. It feels cool to wear on the hill because the paint is custom and pretty different than anybody else’s.

Clockwise: EVH, hiking preSeason Breck in front of One Ski Hill, Colorado superChair.

Who is Eddie Van Halen?
Eddie Van Halen is a Dutch guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer. He is mostly known for being the lead guitarist for Van Halen. He is also considered one of the world’s greatest guitarists.

Are helmets important? why or why not?
Yes, helmets are important because without a helmet you could seriously injure your head.

What other gear you want to wear with the Frankenstrat?
I like to wear my black skinny pants and black vest with it. I also like wearing my black VonZipper Skylabs and black Vans hat or my gray Candy Grind hat with it.

Do you own any other helmets?
I also own a plain white Triple Eight helmet with a few stickers on it. I also used to own a custom made yellow and blue helmet, but I left it at Keystone one day and haven’t seen it since.

Anything else important you want to say about this review?
No, there is nothing else I would like to say about this review. Well, I should also say that my crash edit below features ‘Somebody Get Me a Doctor’ by Van Halen.


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