The Lil’ Rascals Rail Jam

by Justin Phipps,


I got to caddy for Kyle, he was really pumped for his first ever comp.

Last weekend (December 15th) my lil’ bro Kyle did his first ever comp at the Frisco Adventure Park and he did awesome.

First, he did a trick he had never done before, a 50-50 to frontside 180 out on a rail. When he did that I felt really good for him because then he got all pumped and started running up the hill.

Second, he kept trying and trying on doing a frontside 180 on and backside 180 off a box. When he did it he never landed, but he still kept trying and never got frustrated.

Last, he got a sweet red and black Burton hoodie. Kyle got this because he was one of the youngest kids there, but also one of the best riders there. All in all, even though my brother Kyle wasn’t THE best rider there, he still had a great time.

Check out the super short savedByTheGnar 3.1 edit here:


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