savedByTheGnar 3.2, slopestyle comp. Vail, CO. Jan. 2013

Inspecting the first jump.

Inspecting the first jump.

by Justin Phipps,

Saturday, Jan. 5th 2013.

I had my first USASA comp and it was a lot of fun. First, the setup they had was 3 jumps and a rainbow box. On all those hits I did a front 3 indy to back 3 tail to stalefish and on the rainbow I did a blunt to noseslide. Second, my friend Chris Corning did an awesome job. Chris stomped his line both times and got 1st place out of like 20 other kids. Third, I got 2nd place on my first USASA comp. In the end I ended up getting 2nd place and had a lot of fun. In conclusion, I did my first USASA comp and had the best time ever.

I’m looking forward to trying again at Breck in a couple weeks. Even though I liked visiting Vail, it’s a much better mountain to freeride. Breck has all Park Lane up now and is a lot of fun.

Here’s a short edit of the event we put together:


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