Talking about Progression

Riding the 5 chair, definately a good place to watch and reflect on progression.

Riding the 5 chair, definitely a good place to watch and reflect on progression.

by Justin Phipps

What is progression?
Progression is where you are working on or practicing something to make it
perfect of just the way you want it. It can also be when you are learning
something new.

Is progression important, why or why not?
Progression is very important because if you are always doing the same thing
it won’t be cool anymore, but, if you are progressing and always doing
something new you will always be doing different things.

Isn’t fun important too? Can’t you just do the same stylish tricks the same
way all the time?
Yes fun is important, but no you can’t ALWAYS do the same tricks. If you do the same thing all the time it will not be cool anymore. Plus, if you are always progressing you can have a lot of fun doing that by learning new things.

Is progression something you need to work on ALL the time?
Progressing is something you SHOULD always do because if you are always
practicing it will always turn out stylish and perfect.

What is ABT?
Always Be Tweaking! That’s when you are doing a trick. It should be tweaked
like a grab could be really boned out and a rail slide should always be at
90 degrees.

What’s more important, progression or having fun?
I think that doing both are important but if you are not having fun
progressing a trick on a certain day then you should just have fun and keep
a good attitude about riding.

Give at least one example of your progression this year.
One example would be me working on turning all my frontboards to 90 degrees
so they look nice and stylie.

Give at least one example of progression for later this year and what you’d
like to do.
One example of progression this year is to hold my grabs all the way
through. Especially on an invert. I know they look better this way and will
help me land easier and ride away clean.


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