We Ride, by Burn: The Story of Snowboarding

By Justin Phipps:

What’s up with the We Ride documentary? Does it get a thumbs up or down?
We Ride is a documentary movie about snowboarding and how it was invented and how it progressed through the years and I think it deserves a thumbs up!

We Ride covered a lot about the competitive side of snowboarding, especially the history. What did you learn?
I learned that the first snowboard was two planks tied together with a string you could hold onto for balance. I also learned competition was pretty competitive a long time ago.

Rivalry exists in snowboarding. Does it belong?
I don’t think rivalry belongs because snowboarding should be for fun. It shouldn’t be to win everything and have a rival.

We Ride covered Craig Kelly. Who was he and what did you learn about him?
Craig Kelly was one of the best snowboarders competition wise and quit competing to freeride, but one time he got caught in an avalanche and did not make it.

After Craig Kelly came Terje, what did you learn about these two and competing?
These two were good at competing but quit to go ride backcountry together because they found it more fun.

Any other awesome facts you learned watching We Ride?
I learned that We Ride had lot of information about the history of snowboarding that I never knew before.

Would you recommend ‘We Ride’ to a friend? Would you watch it again?
Yes, I would recommend this movie to another friend. If they are interested I would also watch it again sometime just to regain what I learned the first time watching it.


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