Learning From My Mistakes

By Justin Phipps:

Have you ever thought about how humility and good behavior is more important than landing a huge trick? Well, I haven’t really thought about it either up until now, but here’s why it is.

First, behaving in school is more important because it could affect grades or even get you in big trouble. If you decide not to behave well in school it could affect your attitude as a grown-up too. Also you could get in trouble. And, believe me, that is not fun at all.

Second, you should always be humble. If you are not humble you are probably always bragging and showing off and nobody likes a person who acts like that.

Last, doing these two things is way more important than landing a huge trick. Sure, it may be fun getting all the props from getting a huge trick, but that doesn’t mean anything if you are always bragging and being a jerk. Even if the trick you land has never been landed by anyone ever before it is still more important to be nice and have a good attitude.

In conclusion, now you know how I feel about being a nice and having a great attitude. To me it is much more important than landing a huge trick, even if it has never been landed before.


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