Gapers, Gapers, Gapers

by Justin Phipps

Today dad and I rode Park Lane at Breck. I wrote this on the drive home. We have a few gaper stories to share from today and a little about each gaper and how to spot them.

Family Gaper: The easiest to spot because there’s at least one little girl dressed in pink doing the pizza. Mom’s head is on a swivel and is usually yelling at the kids. Family gaper asked us what the big tire was for in Freeway today (yes, this really happened). We said for it was for bonking, and then jibbing, and then tapping. He didn’t understand any of that. Later on my dad said ‘we should have said it was for going through’.

Cloudy Day Gaper: A little less obvious, he comes out on cloudy days and speeds down the park going off the side of every lip designed for jibs. Today we saw this gaper buzz our friend Darren who works on the Breck parks crew. Darren was raking a feature, had his back turned, and actually had it closed off when cloudy day gaper sniped him on the very lip he was raking. We saw it all happen from the 5 chair, we pretty much laughed the whole chair ride after that. He’s basically 3pm gaper but a little more confident.

3pm Gaper: There’s another gaper we know, 3pm gaper, we also call him ‘that guy’. He lurks the observation area most of the day. He comes into the park at the end of the day when the scene has died down. He decks the first jump. Actually he decks every jump he tries.

3:30pm Gaper: Argues with park crew for closing at the regularly scheduled time.

Too Drunk to Park Guy: There is another guy we saw today, while not exactly a gaper we called him ‘too drunk to park guy’. Today he yelled at dad, ‘Hey did you get the shot?!’ (we didn’t have a camera). He started to yell about how his pants were ripped and bindings were broken. Then he said he was broken. He also said he was drunk. Then he dropped in.

These are just a few the more common. Feel free to comment on any others you like.


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