Breck Parks Crew: Luke Gregory

That's my lil brother Kyle giving Luke the #breckHighFives

That’s my lil brother Kyle giving Luke the #breckHighFives

By Justin Phipps:

During spring break this year we did some shredding up at Breck and at the 5 til 5 rail jam I got to visit with Breck Parks crew member Luke Gregory. Here’s what the conversation went like.

Justin: So my brother Kyle kinda thinks you’re the best! What’s up with that?!

Luke: I don’t know I guess that Phipps’ family is just pretty cool, huh? You guys are here every weekend killin’ it, just pretty easy kids’ to become friends with!

Justin: He still talks about the time you let him rake a lip. So what kind of ideas do you get to see materialize in the parks? What’s one of your favorite creations?

Luke: I like a lot of the bigger features personally, but, right now my favorite thing in the park is this here pole jam to the donkey dick.

Justin: I like that

Luke: or the big Breck wall is sweet

Justin: Okay, so ever design a feature and then once you get it built realize it’s way more gnarly than you thought?

Luke: Oh yeah, all the time! Do you remember Dew Tour, that pole jam to the pill? Yeah, that was, wow, hitting that was crazy. That one was definately one of those things that was really scary.

Justin: When the park closes at 3:30p how many hours of prep are required to get it ready for the next day?

Luke: Usually we’re outta here by 5:30, sometimes depending on how it goes we’re done by 6:00. So usually about and hour and a half, two hours.

Justin: What are the most difficult conditions to keep the park operating in? What are some of the challenges you face?

Luke: Spring conditions for sure. Salting all the jumps is pretty rigorous. Then if you’ll notice also, sometimes the features can get a little wobbly if the snow to pack in isn’t stable. So that does make it hectic, but we just try to keep it as clean as possible and make sure everyone’s having fun!

Justin: Alright, anything that maybe I should have asked you that I didn’t?

Luke: No, but let me ask you a question.

Justin: Alright.

Luke: Have you been having fun this season?

Justin: Oh yeah, this park is the best!

Luke: Yeaaaah, cool man!!


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