Breck Parks Crew: Nichole Schlagel

Nichole Schlagel and I with the #breckHighFives back in like, January maybe?

Nichole Schlagel and I with the #breckHighFives back in like, January maybe?

By Justin Phipps,

We were taking part in the Breck Parks 5 til 5 rail jam and caught up with Luke Gregory and we posted his interview last week. We also got to spend a few minutes with Nichole and here’s what she had to say about working on the park crew!

Justin: Do the boys on the park crew treat you special or any differently? Are you just like one of the guys?

Nichole: Nope! I’m just one of the guys, if anything I just try to work a little harder than the boys.

Justin: Lifts stop running in two weeks, but is the work over?

Nichole: Nope, I’ll be headed to Alaska to get me some powder face and then back to shred A-basin. There won’t be work left to do here in the terrain park, however, I will be building features up on Loveland Pass as long as the snow holds up. And normally there are some late season photo shoots but I don’t know when or if there will be any goin’ on this year.

Justin: How many new features materialize in a year in year out basis?

Nichole: You know I don’t really know for sure, I don’t work the summer park. The summer crew would be the ones to ask, the weld team, but my guess is they probably weld out 6, say 6 or 7 new features over that time frame, maybe more than that.

Justin: Is there a features graveyard around here, where do they all get stored when they’re not used?

Nichole: We call it museum road and its on the way to the maintenance building. We keep it marked off so nobody goes in there, but, that is where they all hang out when they’re not in use. And all summer, getting rained on.

Justin: Anybody ever get caught trying to steal a jib?

Nichole: Hopefully not, cause if they did I’d hunt ’em down!! I’d find ’em!!

Justin: What about intellectual ideas, any other parks ever steal your ideas and how would you feel if that did happen?

Nichole: We actually trade a lot with Vail Resorts, Keystone park crew and our park crew work pretty closely together and then whatever word on the street is, we try to improve upon whatever gossip is out there and make things right. We definately take each others ideas though, it happens all the time.


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