2013 Season Recap/Top Ten Memories: #9 Riding the Trees at Breck

I think we took this pic on Christmas day. It was a pretty good pow day.

by Justin Phipps,

Whoosh!! That was the sound of me shralping through the trees at Breck. I rode lots of trees this year and wanted to say that they are definitely some of my favorite. I’m not saying where on the mountain, you just need to know that it’s good, REAL good.

We would always start off by headed down a cat track. Then midway into it we would cut down into the trees while everyone else kept going. The first slash was always the best because there were wide open trees at the top of the drop and you could get tons of speed to make a big cloud of snow. Also there was a gully in the middle of the run so you could shred up and down the walls. They were built up like banked turns, for me!! Once you finished the first part of the trees the second part started with a tree stump jib. Then at the end of the second part there was a log to go up and back down on or transfer off. Once all the trees were done you were back down to the base of peak 8 ready to lap it again. Yes we definitely had spots on Peaks 7 and 9 too. I’ve heard good things about Peak 10 too, just don’t really get out there enough.

I just think the trees at Breck are really good. There’s some other good tree riding and epic days we had on other mountains too. Now you know how I feel about the trees here though, and, that’s why it made my top ten list at #9.


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