2013 Season Recap/Top Ten Memories: #5 Shredding with Justin Morgan

jdubsBy Justin Phipps

Earlier this spring my dad spotted pro snowboarder Justin Morgan at the top of Park Lane at Breck. Dad asked if he would get a picture taken with me. What happened next totally surprised me when he asked me to take a lap with him!

Shredding with Justin Morgan was one of the best times I’ve had shredding with a friend. He was not only a really good snowboarder, but he was also a really nice guy. We didn’t take only the one lap, he actually rode with me the whole morning and a little after lunch.

Justin also was a really good role model to me because he did not swear and introduced me to all of his friends he saw. Justin also commented on how cool some of my tricks were, which made me feel really good knowing that it came from a pro. The coolest part was that he’s awesome and actually cared about riding with me. That and he has the same name as I do. Now I would say that he’s one of my favorite pro riders.

To conclude, riding with Justin was definitely one of the top ten things I did this year!!

Synchonized FS 3's with a pair of Justins. @jDubsMorgan foreground and @savedByJustin back

Synchronized FS 3’s with a pair of Justins. @jDubsMorgan foreground and @savedByJustin back. Photo: @nigbeats


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