2013 Season Recap/Top Ten Memories: #3 Breckenridge Closing Day

Kyle ordered up some fresh at the T Bar.

Like that! Kyle ordered up some fresh at the T Bar.

By Justin Phipps

April 14th, 2013

The closing day at Breck was, well, it was gnarly! If you were there, you know. I’ve never ridden a closing day in pow before so that made it the best. Let me tell you about it!

I remember most of savedbythegnar crew was there. We shredded together most of the day. We did trains, we made slashes, I saw some pretty good crashes go down. My brother went down pretty good a couple of times and basically disappeared it was so deep!

The parks were pretty much closed but nobody cared, the new was too much fun. We went to ride trees, lap after lap and still so much new. We found logs to hit and other fun stuff just exploring  top to bottom.

So at the very end of the day I tried to backflip off like a ten inch kicker we tried to make at peak 8 base. Hey we put together an edit, check it out!

A bittersweet awesome day closing out a great season. Can’t believe this was like two months ago already.


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