2013 Season Recap/Top Ten Memories #2: My First Competition

Me and @chrisCorning just doing our thing, end of the day medal pictures stuff.

Me and Chris Corning (IG: @chrisCorning) just doing our thing, end of the day medal pictures stuff.

By Justin Phipps,

Jan. 5th, 2013

A few weeks before my first USASA comp I remember I was working super hard on sticking my line. My favorite trick in the line, at the time, was a front 3 because I hadn’t really done them properly before and I thought the judges would like it. I really started to get the hang of my run the day before the comp and I was ready to make it happen.

That morning I woke up with butterflies in my stomach. I was really nervous. The drive to Vail I was trying to think happy thoughts, like whales eating cheeseburgers. When we arrived I thought my line would work for me, I was feeling good. But, there was another kid in my age class named Jack Coyne and he had picked a pretty proper line, and he was sticking it too.

It was time for me to do my first run before I knew it. I was definitely nervous. I strapped in and started at the first jump and did my front 3! It was a little flat, but I still landed it clean and went into a back 3 and grabbed tail pretty clean. My last trick was just a big ole stalefish and I ended up going really deep into the lander but squatted it out with no hand drags and right into a boardslide to frontboard switchup on the rainbow box.

I sat at the bottom and watched the other kids go. I was sitting in first place after the first round of scores. I rode back up on the chair with Jack and had a good conversation with him.

My second run it had some mess ups and so I knew I’d have to use my first score. When the judges added up the scores it was a very close decision but Jack ended up with a high score of 82.25. That was just enough to beat my 82.00. I made new friends, got to ride with my good friend Chris Corning (who won his division), and had fun competing for the first time. It was one of the best times I’ve had at an event and that’s why it is in my season of Top Tens.

And, we captured some footy from the day and kind of wrapped it up into a little edit:


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