Getting Stoked on Pre-Season

by Justin Phipps,

Well, we’ve all been waiting since last season ended for this years snowboarding season to get started. It should be a lot of fun.

One of the things I’ve been looking forward to is how Breckenridge and Keystone will set up their parks. They’re awesome and I’m sure this year will be no different. Speaking of, my friend Darren who works in the Breck park crew recently sent me a few pics of some of the features they’ve been working on this off season. Take a quick look at his gallery he shared below. One of the features looks like an up-down rail with a gap in between the up to the down. Also, and similar to last year, I see a Y rail, but in between the straight part and the split was an up to down. The one feature that really caught my eye though was a huge rainbow launch looking rail, like 20 ft long, it’s looking super sick.

I’m looking forward to learning new tricks too. There’s a bunch I have on my checklist so you should check back and help keep me motivated too, that helps. Also, stay tuned for a recap on the Early Bird Rail Jam that our friends over at SFC co-hosted with a bunch of other cool sponsors. Rail Jams are really fun and I’d like to be doing more this season here and there.

To sum it up, I’m super pumped for this years season so I thought I could share why with you.


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