SFC Early Bird Rail Jam


@chrisCorning and I with our finals WROD tickets.

By Justin Phipps,

A few days ago (Sat 10/20) I did a rail jam for SFC Denver and it was awesome.

When we arrived none of the snow was really put down yet because they were running a bit behind schedule; so there was a bunch of dudes shoveling snow out of two U- haul trucks and putting it down on a bunch of carpet. My friend Taylor basically helped get the whole thing setup thru the SFC organization. My friend Luke from Breck Parks Crew was getting the setups dialed in. So while I was waiting I went around saying hi to my friends and meeting new people.

Finally, they got done setting up the features and putting down the snow and then we had the riders meeting. I got to compete in the 16 under division and with the women. The features were actually better than I thought, and I was liking the down rail because it was set up really well. All of the groms made it to the finals so that meant I was going too.

The finals were under the lights so that really pumped me up. I actually did way better in finals than in my heat. I also landed the trick I had been working on SUPER cleanly (switch front lip same way 270 out).

After finals they did the places, but I didn’t get anything that really didn’t matter to me though because I had so much fun. Anyways, last weekend I did a super fun rail jam for SFC.


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