The 2014 Rome/SDS Mini Shred Snowboard

The Rome/SDS 2014 Mini Shred. Cred: @romeSnowboards

The Rome/SDS 2014 Mini Shred. Cred: @romeSnowboards

by Justin Phipps,

So, Rome hooked me up with their new sick 120 Mini Shred board this year. Here’s my thoughts. Rome definitely makes a great kids board. They are really playful and flexible, unlike some boards I’ve ridden. I think this is good for because it’s not as easy to get hung up on rails or boxes as much as a board that’s just a little stiffer. A playful board is also nice for buttering and tailblocks ‘n stuff. I’ve tried with other boards that are a bit on the stiff side and I can’t really do them properly without the strength of a grown up. Riding a lot of Summit county park jumps I am really happy with takeoff and landers too, I can snap easy enough on them and not force a trick. The graphics on the Mini Shred are also pretty rad. This years theme is splattered paint, I think every other year they do a new theme so this should be in the lineup through 2015. To conclude, I would highly recommend to any grom. My brother and I are both on this deck and we are both pretty stoked on them.


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