So-Gnar Snowboard Camp at Loveland

Kyle Phipps w/@taylorBrant

Kyle Phipps w/@taylorBrant

by Justin Phipps,

Just coached at an AWSM camp for So-Gnar last week up at Loveland Ski Area and had a terrific time. Let me say, one of the best parts was getting to ride all the sick pow and shredding with tons of my friends and new friends too. I really enjoyed teaching and sharing with all the younger kids, especially some one named Aiden. This kid didn’t even know how to back board when he showed up, but by the the time the camp ended he had front boards back boards and 180s!! My brother Kyle also came to the camp and had a bunch of fun too. He learned to back board on a side approach down tube. But the one person I would really like to thank is Pat Milbery, he was the one who put this on and he cooperated so well with all of us. Also our friends Taylor Brant and Braden Wahr who helped my little brother a ton and really got him all stoked on learning a tough new trick!

Check out the video recap here:


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