Sneak Attack Pow Day

It was a sneak attack pow day and we blew it up like Nakatomi Plaza.

It was a sneak attack pow day and we blew it up like Nakatomi Plaza.

By Justin Phipps,

Today (Christmas Eve) was definitely the sickest powder I have had so far this season. On the way up the snow report didn’t make it sound like there was going to be much snow, dude I was so wrong.

I spotted Luke Gregory right off the gondy and he said there was five new since 5am and counting. It was puking snow!!

Dad and I decided to hit the fresh. It was everywhere. Not saying where (but rhymes like fix chair). We got some of the first tracks over there. It was so cool and I had soo many slashes. I also ollied over some trees (or what I thought was trees) but it actually was a drop off and a big blast of blower went everywhere when I landed. We took a few more runs there just before a lil Contest Bowl. Exiting there we spotted Breck Parks Crew and I’m not saying where we went next cause we keep that pow for ourselves.

Quick pit stop to One Ski Hill. We bumped into our friends Jake and Phil inside. We took “The Rocky” and rode to the T-bar which was pretty fun it had some real good snow. Dad’s run off Rocky, well he calls it The Surf Trees, we hit that some followed by Phil’s Run cause we didn’t know what it was really called.

We closed it down with last chair. Almost a bell to bell day. In a nutshell, I had the best powder day this year and one of the best powder days ever!!!


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