SIA 2014 On Snow Demo, Day 2

Jonah Owen/@jonahOwen and I winding down at SIA On Snow 2014.

Jonah Owen/@jonahOwen and I winding down at SIA On Snow 2014.

by @savedByJustin,

Day 2 of the SIA on snow was totally insane!!

When I got there the first person I saw was Von Zipper team manager Stephen Duke/@stephenDuke. He had brought me a new pair of Beefy’s, from the 2015 line, but not just any Beefy’s, they had a special new lens that defogs the goggles when they fog up. Rad!

Next I met up with Rome snowboards pro team shred Jonah Owen/@jonahOwen and in house filmer Theo Muse/@teddyMuse. We hit up a few park laps together but with the park wasn’t all that good so we went down for an amazing lunch of BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. They were free! I was feeling pretty good.

We headed back out and added Sully (Dan Sullivan/@thistlegirl1) and Rome team manager Grady Skelton/@gradySkelton, and my good friend Cory Sova/@sovaking. We really wanted to make some tree laps but the trees we picked kinda sucked. Jonah and Grady left cause they were freezing, and so the rest of us decided to explore some other trees which was a great choice. In this one patch we all split up and got some amazing powder slashes, and met back up at the bottom to re-energize.

Jonah and Grady took us to ride some trees they found, and, well have you ever heard of the Dirkson Derby? Well, it was better. We were flying down them whooshing past the side berms.

Jonah and I took a few park laps to finish out the day and headed down to pack up the tent. The entire ride home I was thinking about all the great times I had. SIA on snow is awsm and so glad to have met so many people with Rome and Von Zipper. So want to do this again.


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