Skate Trip, Leadville, Milliken, and New Arvada

This the new @teamPainSkateparks dot up at 59th and Allison in Arvada. Just another rad hometown spot to roll around in.

This the new @teamPainSkateparks dot up at 59th and Allison in Arvada. Just another rad hometown spot to roll around in.

by Justin Phipps,

This post is a little past due, but I went on the best skate trip ever a couple weeks ago to finish out July and wanted to make an update about it.

It began Friday morning when all of us met at the new Leadville skatepark, which is rad by the way. Me and my dad showed up a bit too early and skated for about 90 minutes before everybody else. Leadville, has a really sick flow bowl with spine, a lot of pockets, and big volcano gap among other tranny features. They also have a nice kidney pool about 12 feet deep and rad street section with pretty easy flows. We sessioned the tranny bowl for a few hours and took some good shots.

We stayed in Silverthorne, so after a quick rest we headed down to skate a little more at twilight. Most of the crew headed out to eat n stuff but dad and I headed back to the pad and made tacos. By 10:30 I was passed out in bed.

Day two began about 9a. Most of and had some eggs and bacon for breakfast. We headed to the Leadville and skated there all day and lunch grilled some burgers. Well, we also did a secret Leadville mission too, but we don’t really get to write about that. We left at 5:00 ish to go eat pizza at Old Chicago. That night I was out at 10:00. I was up and showering at 8:30 the next morning and eating more bacon by 9:15. It took us all a few hours to clean since it was the last day and it took a while to figure where to go. We decided on Milliken skatepark and loaded up the cars and took off. Traffic was pretty awful and it took like three hours to get there.

It was close to 100 degrees, but Milliken was super awesome, almost literally every line there flowed. There’s not a wasted bit of concrete there as it relates to flow, there’s just more lines than can be skated in a day. We skated there for a couple hrs and then thought where to go next while we cooled our selves down with ice cubes and chose to go to the little Team Pain spot back in Arvada. We were all wiped but we skated for like an hour, or at least me and my dad did. When we left we said our goodbyes and went home.

Even though that was only the second skate trip I’ve been on it was definitely the best I’ve been on and probably always will be.


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