The 2015 Rome 390 Boss Bindings


Team color way 390 Boss. Cred: @romeSnowboards


by Justin Phipps,

Rome’s 390 Boss binding is a very much alike their 390, if you’ve ever ridden it before. The Boss has a different and stiffer ankle strap in my opinion than the 390. You also get that second set of footbeds with the Boss. One of the neatest parts of the Boss is the toe strap, I thought the toe strap looked cool because its not all one piece when it cover the toe of your boot, it’s sorta like a spider web, that’s really thick. Another sweet feature is the toe and ankle strap have an extra part of rubber that keeps the straps back away from getting in the foot slot when you’re trying to put your foot in. Last, the Boss comes in five colorways including black, hunter camouflage with bright orange, red and blue, dark and black, and the team edition which are orange and black, they look like a tiger (these are the ones I ride). Overall, if you like to ride a little bit of everything and like a balance between flexible and powerful, this binding is for you.


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