Three Days with Satellite Boardshop

Group shot of the demo teams up at Eldora. cred: @satelliteBoardshop

Group shot of the demo teams up at Eldora. cred: @satelliteBoardshop

by Justin Phipps,

I got to spend a few days with Satellite Boardshop doing the Eldora Demo and also did a couple nights at the store, kind of interning. It was a lot of fun, and it basically just watched a bunch of videos, and tried to help Austin who was battling a raging headache. But for the most part it was awesome. Here’s the timeline.

Day 1 Satellite/Eldora On Snow Demo

  • Rep life starts early, dad had me in Denver at 6:30am
  • Got to Eldora at 7:30a
  • Kinda watched everyone setup
  • Sessioned a portable sketchy pole jam
  • Finally got on mountain at 10:30a, tickets were a little late arriving
  • Took lots of laps Austin and Ethan and tons of other guys from other companies
  • Ate Lil’ Smokies at the Vans tent
  • Ate Oreo’s, Pepsi, and Reese’s cups
  • Took last lap w/lots of guys
  • Took group photo and left
  • Ate a Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

Day 2 (intern at shop)

  • Brought boots up to to upstairs storage
  • Met Ian Boll, really pumped on Ian cause he’s a Rome rider and he’s living here in Colorado
  • Vaccumed rugs
  • Taped label on board/put in wax room
  • Snowboard flick time, watched Mr.Plant
  • Austin showed me his favorite Jed Anderson part from Walk the Moon
  • Austin demonstrated how he sells things (real smooth)
  • Broke screw on skateboard (like a hulk)

Day 3 (intern at shop)

  • Didn’t do much work
  • Watched Right Brain, one of my most fave snowboard films
  • Lib Tech showed up for their Commision Shop Banana Split Promo
  • Skated w Cody (hit car w skateboard)
  • Ate banana splits

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