2016 Vans V66 Snow Boot


Yep, this is the colorway I went with!

by Justin Phipps

First, a quick word from Vans Rockies front man Shawn G, ‘Yeah man. Stoked to be back. It’s been a long year but Vans boots are back and we couldn’t be happier.’

Now I just wanna say to kids, the Vans Hi-Standard boot transitions really well from kid boots. It’s an adult sized boot and from experience I can tell you the Hi-Standard is the boot I made the move to two years ago as an 11 year old so this is the boot to do it in when you upgrade!

This year I decided to buy the Vans V66 boot and I love it. It’s pretty much the Vans Hi Standard boot but made with better material and technology. One of the differences from the Hi Standard is to have more ankle support there is a strap you can put around the tongue on the boot and it also keeps the boot tighter around your calf and shin. There is also a spot in the heel that cups around your achilles to give you support in that area. One of my most favorite parts is the foot beds because they give arch support, which is good for people with high arches, and for hiking so that your arches don’t cramp. You can also find the V66 in 3 colorways, red/antique, black/brown, and white. Overall the Vans V66 boot is a great all around boot and if you don’t have it your missing out.

Next, get to Satellite Boardshop in Boulder or another local dealer and make the purchase. Support that local shred scene!


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