The Airblaster Toaster Jacket and Pretty Tight Pant

Cred: @airblaster

Toaster Jacket, Dino Camo. Cred: @airblaster

by Justin Phipps,

First, I’m stoked because I can finally wear adult outerwear now. The geniuses at Airblaster have enough good sense to make size XXS.

Now, the Airblaster Toaster jacket and Super Tight Pant are what I’ve been riding this year, and I’ve only good things to says about them. The Toaster Jacket is great for the conditions I’ve had this year. It’s insulated and has an 8000 rating with 10000 waterproofing. I’ve been in some pretty frigid days so far this season, but for the times that I’ve been wearing the Toaster Jacket is haven’t really had a problem, but the super tight Pant definitely helped to. With a 10000 waterproof rating and taped stitches and seams, it’s almost like you’re wearing the Toaster Jacket on your legs (what I’m trying to say is they’re plenty warm). I’ve been having a great time this season but I’m sure that my jacket and pants have a lot to do with that as well cause a new kit always keeps the positive vibes and stoke level high. So you should head over to and pick out some gear or better yet motor on up to Satellite Boardshop in Boulder and see the super cool dudes there!

Cred: @airblaster

Pretty Tight Pant, color: black. Cred: @airblaster

Toaster jacket colorways: freedom camo, rust, puddle, and denim
Pretty tight pant colorways: tight white, freedom camo, black, navy, puddle


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