The 2018 Rome Mini Gang Plank


#thelaunch2017 @snow_summit

by Justin Phipps

I’ve had my eye on the The Rome Gang Plank now for the last couple years and it was always a bummer because it was never made in my size, but, the wait is over! For the 2017/18 season Rome made a new version, the Mini Gang Plank. I’ve been on this board now for a couple months and it rides like a beast! I’m currently on the 142 and have only positive things to say. Simply put it rides with a lot more power than other boards in the youth lineup. It’s stiffer and the flat base is the next best thing to camber for a youth series for getting good pop on your ollies. It’s a board I’m recommending for a more aggressive approach to riding. The board has super pop, and you’ll be ollie-ing slow signs soon enough! It rips rails and jumps, big jumps too. Highly suggest y’all go out and purchase this board if you’re a smaller profile rider like me but still are looking to destroy your home mountain. Hit your local shop and let them know. These should be hitting stores by fall 2017.

Sizes available: 134, 138, 142, 146


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