Reviewing Woodward Copper’s Main Park


Somewhere near Main Park at Woodward Copper.

by Justin Phipps,

Woodward Copper has been fire lately, here’s why. Everything that’s been up this year has been creative and unique which opens up so much more possibilities to making tricks happen your way or maybe even in a way that hasn’t been done before. Copper is doing a really good job keeping the setup new so you don’t have to ride the same features the same way all the time. Really stoked that they do their part to keep things from getting stale, especially with the cool tranny features. At Copper it feels likes the park has some sort of new rail or hip or something up everyday, so it’s never exactly the same park. Also, I like that it’s not as if EVERYBODY is going there and you have to fight long lift lines (or the stop and go lifts). The high speed quad is usually pretty fast getting you back up. I don’t seem to get snaked quite as regularly and there’s definitely less gapers here, just fact. Copper has been super fun this year though and you need to peep a couple of the videos posted here if you need proof. Both are very recent and I think you’ll approve of what’s going on.
Bonus points: Mini Pipe, tranny, no yellow jackets.
Peep these two videos below:
Burton Qualifiers
Copper Chronicles | First Edition