Reviewing Woodward Copper’s Main Park


Somewhere near Main Park at Woodward Copper.

by Justin Phipps,

Woodward Copper has been fire lately, here’s why. Everything that’s been up this year has been creative and unique which opens up so much more possibilities to making tricks happen your way or maybe even in a way that hasn’t been done before. Copper is doing a really good job keeping the setup new so you don’t have to ride the same features the same way all the time. Really stoked that they do their part to keep things from getting stale, especially with the cool tranny features. At Copper it feels likes the park has some sort of new rail or hip or something up everyday, so it’s never exactly the same park. Also, I like that it’s not as if EVERYBODY is going there and you have to fight long lift lines (or the stop and go lifts). The high speed quad is usually pretty fast getting you back up. I don’t seem to get snaked quite as regularly and there’s definitely less gapers here, just fact. Copper has been super fun this year though and you need to peep a couple of the videos posted here if you need proof. Both are very recent and I think you’ll approve of what’s going on.
Bonus points: Mini Pipe, tranny, no yellow jackets.
Peep these two videos below:
Burton Qualifiers
Copper Chronicles | First Edition

Burton Qualifiers at Copper Mountain

by Justin Phipps
Never ridden in a jam contest before with so many tranny inspired features, that is until Copper hosted the Burton Qualifiers. So sick to do a competition that wasn’t all about hucking yourself, just style and good times. The MC was hilarious, he was actually calling people and their tricks  (“there goes a tindy, I think he was trying tail grab, but that’s what happens when you try something and you can’t do it”). Overall everybody killed it in the 15 and under heat and congrats to Cooper on second and Jack on first. Can’t wait to see what the Qualifiers will have next year. Until then, peep the vid!

The Airblaster Toaster Jacket and Pretty Tight Pant

Cred: @airblaster

Toaster Jacket, Dino Camo. Cred: @airblaster

by Justin Phipps,

First, I’m stoked because I can finally wear adult outerwear now. The geniuses at Airblaster have enough good sense to make size XXS.

Now, the Airblaster Toaster jacket and Super Tight Pant are what I’ve been riding this year, and I’ve only good things to says about them. The Toaster Jacket is great for the conditions I’ve had this year. It’s insulated and has an 8000 rating with 10000 waterproofing. I’ve been in some pretty frigid days so far this season, but for the times that I’ve been wearing the Toaster Jacket is haven’t really had a problem, but the super tight Pant definitely helped to. With a 10000 waterproof rating and taped stitches and seams, it’s almost like you’re wearing the Toaster Jacket on your legs (what I’m trying to say is they’re plenty warm). I’ve been having a great time this season but I’m sure that my jacket and pants have a lot to do with that as well cause a new kit always keeps the positive vibes and stoke level high. So you should head over to and pick out some gear or better yet motor on up to Satellite Boardshop in Boulder and see the super cool dudes there!

Cred: @airblaster

Pretty Tight Pant, color: black. Cred: @airblaster

Toaster jacket colorways: freedom camo, rust, puddle, and denim
Pretty tight pant colorways: tight white, freedom camo, black, navy, puddle