Eight Second Clip

“It takes a lot of work to get an eight second clip”.
Intro: Ozzy Henning
Sound: Paul’s Tune/The Clash
Lenses: Seth Hill, Dean Barnes, Kyle Phipps, Brandon Kirkland, Alex Kirkland, Nate Tillmans, Tylor Berreth
Cover Photo: Dean Barnes @deanoPhoto
Film/Edit: Reece Bolin
Support Team: Rome Snowboards, VonZipper, Airblaster, Airhole, Celsius, Woodward Copper, and Satellite Boardshop

Woodward Copper Summer Camp

@sleepystevens and I hiking some features up at Woodward Copper camp. Videograss session.

Scott Stevens (@sleepystevens) and I hiking some features up at Woodward Copper camp. Videograss session. Cred: Morrison Hsieh @morrisonhsieh

by Justin Phipps,

Just got back from Woodward at Copper, The Videograss session five, and I’ll tell you that it should for sure be on your bucket list to visit.

I went there expecting it to be pretty fun and was mostly looking forward snowboarding, but they had so many activities off snow. When you aren’t riding your coach or counselor can take you to do a number of things such as skating, go carting, bumper boats, rock climbing, bungee jumping or diggling.

They serve lunch breakfast and dinner in The Edge where you stay, and the meals aren’t your typical school lunch, they’re pretty legit and always really good. The places that you stay in Woodward are actually really nice too. You have a roommate but you each have your own bed and there’s good bathrooms with showers, plus the rooms have got TV’s which is convenient.

Last all the people there are some of the nicest people you’ll meet, the counselors, coaches, lunch crew and even the pros are all nice and willing to help you out for anything. The Videograss crew included Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton, Cale Zima, JP Walker, and Chris Grenier. They were very cool to ride alongside and everybody was ripping.

Pretty sure photo cred goes to: Chip Proulx (@ChipProulx)

Pretty sure photo cred goes to: Chip Proulx (@ChipProulx)

Altogether Woodward was a great time and I can’t wait to go back, and if you haven’t been you for sure should try to go. Wanted to send out a big high five to Morrison Hsieh at Woodward Copper for being in charge and making sure everything goes off. Be sure to check out WoodwardCopper.com and their additional feeds on instagram and twittter @WoodwardCopper.

Justin Phipps 2014, savedByTheGnar 4.2

Supported by: Rome Snowboards, Von Zipper, and savedByTheGnar
Filmed by: Taylor Brant, Avran Lefeber, Brandon Albright, Ian Macy, Chris Newett, and Ryan Phipps
Produced by: Snow Desert Productions
Song: California Dreamin
Artist: The Mamas & The Papas