Eight Second Clip

“It takes a lot of work to get an eight second clip”.
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Sound: Paul’s Tune/The Clash
Lenses: Seth Hill, Dean Barnes, Kyle Phipps, Brandon Kirkland, Alex Kirkland, Nate Tillmans, Tylor Berreth
Cover Photo: Dean Barnes @deanoPhoto
Film/Edit: Reece Bolin
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My First Stealth Shred Mission

Me (left) with @bradenWahr. cred: @taylorBrant

Me (left) with @bradenWahr. cred: @taylorBrant

January, 9th, 2014

by Justin Phipps,

Last night I did my first shred mission and here’s how it all went down.

6:30p: We left my house to go to park n ride to pick up my friend Braden who also came shredding with us. I was feeling pretty excited and dad was telling me about what the plan was and what I needed to do (and some of what I didn’t need to do)

7:34p: Braden finally shows up to hop in our car and go shred.

8:04p: Arrival. Siri brought us to our destination and shred spot. I was a little excited to see the spot because I’d only seen a picture. It was bigger than the picture, 21 steps. We got our shovels and started to build.

8:33p: We got busted by a district employee. Luckily he/she was pretty cool and told us to come back at 10:00p. So we hustled back to the parking lot and met up with our friend and filmer, Taylor.

8:54p: After some discussion, we headed to the supermarket to get some gummy bears, and after eating about 400 calories we headed back to our spot.

9:34p: We reached the spot and had to keep waiting cause the lights were still on and a clean up crew was still on campus. The wait was making me crazy.

10:02p: Finally, the night crew clears out. We began to setup and commence with the build.

10:30p: This is when it starts to get intense. Mom has to call and she’s angry about why we weren’t home yet. She’s pretty ticked because we were out this late on school night. Once my dad hung up we were about done building.

10:49p: First drops. Okay, I’ve never even held a bungee before, these things are like rocket launchers to a kid my size. It took me for a RIDE. My second approach went a little better but I was at the feature so fast I didn’t even have time to think and I was on the handrail before I knew it. I was either slipping off or chickening out. I wasn’t getting it. After a few more hits I was getting closer but wasn’t finishing. No keepers. I gave it up to Braden. He got a few hits at it while I took a break.

11:26p: Dad was getting more angry texts from Mom and I knew this was like my last chance. Braden counted down to the film team. 5-4-3-2-1. I was flying at it and cleaned a nice boardslide on my first try of round two. Braden and I dropped a few more times. Braden did a nice five-o to 180 off. Dad was clean up shoveling between drops to try and wrap it up so we could break for home faster.

12:00a: We broke it down and cleaned as we promised. We snapped a couple of still shots with the crew and bounced.

12:13a: Back on the road home.

12:37a: We arrived at home with an angry mom. I thought maybe she was just sleepwalking but unfortunately no. Dad got kicked out of bed and onto the couch.

In the end, my first ever shred mission was a success. My goal was to have fun, learn, and not get hurt, but we got a huge bonus in that I got a good shot too. I’m sure we’ll have a little edit in the works, stay tuned.