savedByTheGnar 2.4, season edit


Rocket air, park lane Breck

Rocket air, park lane Breck

by Justin Phipps,

Recently I had a new edit come out and it was finished by a friend, Mikey P. (check out his work at It turned out to be one of the best edits I’ve ever had.

First, we picked out a great song for it, Suffragette City by David Bowie. It is a great song for an edit because it has a great beat and is very energetic. Second, it has a great part that builds up and has me doing a long trick. Mikey P. chose to put me doing a 900 on a flat, down, flat box while the song was quiet and got louder and the trick was just as long as that part of the song. Last, at the end, it has me doing a backflip. I like the way it is pieced together from different angles and I’m actually wearing the same thing. Then the song and edit ends as soon as I land. In conclusion, I got a new 2012 edit this year and I love it!

Check out savedByTheGnar 2.4, season edit here and other content on the savedByTheGnar vimeo channel: