Woodward Copper Summer Camp

@sleepystevens and I hiking some features up at Woodward Copper camp. Videograss session.

Scott Stevens (@sleepystevens) and I hiking some features up at Woodward Copper camp. Videograss session. Cred: Morrison Hsieh @morrisonhsieh

by Justin Phipps,

Just got back from Woodward at Copper, The Videograss session five, and I’ll tell you that it should for sure be on your bucket list to visit.

I went there expecting it to be pretty fun and was mostly looking forward snowboarding, but they had so many activities off snow. When you aren’t riding your coach or counselor can take you to do a number of things such as skating, go carting, bumper boats, rock climbing, bungee jumping or diggling.

They serve lunch breakfast and dinner in The Edge where you stay, and the meals aren’t your typical school lunch, they’re pretty legit and always really good. The places that you stay in Woodward are actually really nice too. You have a roommate but you each have your own bed and there’s good bathrooms with showers, plus the rooms have got TV’s which is convenient.

Last all the people there are some of the nicest people you’ll meet, the counselors, coaches, lunch crew and even the pros are all nice and willing to help you out for anything. The Videograss crew included Scott Stevens, Joe Sexton, Cale Zima, JP Walker, and Chris Grenier. They were very cool to ride alongside and everybody was ripping.

Pretty sure photo cred goes to: Chip Proulx (@ChipProulx)

Pretty sure photo cred goes to: Chip Proulx (@ChipProulx)

Altogether Woodward was a great time and I can’t wait to go back, and if you haven’t been you for sure should try to go. Wanted to send out a big high five to Morrison Hsieh at Woodward Copper for being in charge and making sure everything goes off. Be sure to check out WoodwardCopper.com and their additional feeds on instagram and twittter @WoodwardCopper.

Volcom Wild In The Parks Hits Arvada Skatepark

Frontboard on the mini downrail.

Frontboard on the mini downrail.

by Justin Phipps,

So last Saturday (5/13/15) Volcom’s Wild in the Parks contest came to my home park, Arvada. The day before a bit of the Volcom team came to practice and get clips, and they threw down, that’s always cool to see pros tearing up the place. I was never really planning on competing, like I just wanted to watch everybody in the comp go ham, but later that night my buddy texted me and sort of helped me change my mind. Suddenly I thought doing the contest would so be rad and an awesome experience, and boy that’s just what it was.

Phil Hansen aka @nutrash_hansen probably came in first, second, or third.

Phil Hansen aka @nutrash_hansen probably came in first, second, or third.

So Saturday morning I get to the park at like 9:30 ish, and it was already super crowded I couldn’t believe it, there were tents everywhere and people were surrounding the park just to watch. I have done the Volcom’s PBRJ events before and it’s really the same setup. Brandon MC’s the whole thing and gets everybody hyped. I got signed up and had about 2 hours to skate around and wait to compete. I was riding around doing all my tricks which were didn’t really match up as well as a lot of the other competitors, but that didn’t keep me from having fun. My truck cap ends up breaking, and it was way too loose to ride so I was having a tough time trying to get my tricks down. So they take the top 15 kids overall from our three heats (in 14 under) and to my surprise they posted up the finals and I had qualified 14th and would be skating again that afternoon. I was really surprised that I has even qualified and I didn’t really even have any other tricks to do in finals because I had already done them all in prelims so I kinda had to make up and learn a few tricks. I decided to try a 180 down the 6 stair, I did it a few times but never really put it down solid with a clean ride away.

There was also a snake run jam, I threw down a few tricks and before taking a break. A few of my friends managed to place and got invites the The Berrics. I can’t wait till next year’s Wild in the Parks contest, which hopefully will be back in Arvada.

A Superpark Standout Recap with Scotty Vine


Cred: Ryan Taylor

Cred: Ryan Taylor

Words by Justin Phipps and Scotty Vine.

Here’s an interview I just got to do with Scotty Vine. This kinda started when I needed some help with a trick and so my buddy, Seth Hill, hooked me up with his number and we talked on the phone about it and after then we just stayed in touch. Just last week Scotty was honored with his second Superpark Standout at Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 19, presented by Nexen Tires. Scotty was really patient with me and gave some thoughtful answers. I think you may enjoy my visit with Scotty, check it out.

J.P. Hey so Superpark 19 just wrapped up and you nabbed your 2nd ‘Superpark standout award’ and i imagine that’s something you have to put a TON of effort into winning, like that’s about as high an honor as you can earn considering there’s like two or three hundred other shreds hamming it up for an entire week?

S.V. Well, in all honesty, I wasn’t aware that someone could even get the award twice. I went out there just to film some extra video part shots and just had a really fun week. Honestly, I was really surprised, but extremely honored because it’s just not something that’s handed out very often, there’s only been 19 years of it. I was really pretty stoked.

J.P. Yeah, it’s a big deal. In what ways was winning it the first time different than number two and did you perhaps appreciate it more this time being more of a seasoned veteran at this point in your life?

Cred: Sean Black

Cred: Sean Black

S.V. That’s a heavy question. I think the first year I was more working for it at Superpark 15. It definitely felt like I worked a lot harder (the first time). This year I was just trying to have a good time, the setup was really good so it really bred a lot of creativities in my mind. Just kinda kept charging the whole week. Yeah, you know the first time getting it was just really amazing, this time I was just really pumped, and honored.

J.P. Yeah, I kinda get that. I’ve been following your feed a lot this winter and you’ve been spending a lot of time back east with all the snow that fell in the boston area. Who were you filming with mostly and how many tricks or spots did you end up crossing off your list?

S.V. This year was actually a really difficult year as far as filming snow. I did make it out to Boston for about ten days and I got hurt. After that I sat on the couch for a month and a half, the first day back was actually Superpark

J.P. Really?!

Cred: T Bird @tbirdley

Cred: T Bird @tbirdley

S.V. Out in Boston I just kind hit handrails a lot. There was a lot of features we could have done, like roofdrops and things, I mean we had a really cool wallride that took us a few hours to build, but ended up getting kicked out. But, most of the time out there we were just digging out handrails, just to even find them. We had to do a lot of shoveling just to make the spots look appropriate for video and photo. It’s just been a whole crazy different season. I just want to do a couple more trips before its done even though the season is winding down in a lot of places.

J.P. You’re obviously known as a guy who’s put down a number of first time one footed tricks and I’m just wondering if you’re cool with that or if you even think about it at all? Has it ever annoyed you when people ONLY comment specifically about you and those kind of tricks?

S.V. Well, I did kind of take a step back from them a little bit and focused on other things. I don’t think it’s ever necessarily been annoying but it is annoying to hear people dis on one footed tricks. There was a couple other riders I had a conversation with about it recently. They thought it was funny that people just don’t like certain tricks and are out there vocally expressing it. I think it demonstrates a better overall sense of board control. Now this year I really did stay away from it, a lot. That helped me progress, in a sense, just overall in other areas. I think a lot of guys definitely excel in certain areas, but this really helps in other areas too. It doesn’t necessarily bother me a whole lot because that sort of thing ends up coming around full circle. I think any rider who is doing one footed tricks will be able to use it and help get themselves better in other types of riding, other types of terrain.

Cred:Kealan Schiling

Cred:Kealan Schiling

J.P. I understand, yeah that was a good answer. I’ve not been to Bear yet but i see you kind of make that one of your home bases. are you pretty tight with that build crew and do you get to have some input on the features over there?

S.V. Bear usually tries to implement a lot of surf like appeal. It’s a very skate-esque style setup. When they make features it’s about trying to zig zag back and forth to be able to hit things. They try to make it super fun and implement creativity in the design so that it’s not the average down rail park rail. Usually there can be up to three different ways to hit something. Lips off to the side that are Zaugged out. There’s a really good park flow here, top to bottom. They’re always trying to push the innovation and creativity. Also, they do a good job of trying to change it up weekly. Despite the warm weather they’re always trying to do what they can to build the best park they can.

J.P. Yeah, that’s cool. What’s up for this summer?

S.V. I’ll be headed out to Colorado to Woodward Copper for a short session.

J.P. Oh sick, which one!!

S.V. The Sandbox session. I’ll also be doing Sandbox sessions at Woodward Tahoe and then session three at High Cascade and that will overlap with the Arbor team takeover at Windells.

J.P. Okay that’s sick. So this may be a little random question but, have you EVER seen anybody mess with Pat Bridges before?

S.V. Well watching Erik Leon and Pat Bridges is kind of funny! They mess with each other whenever they’re at the top of the drop in. There was one 30 minute session at Superpark that was really funny where those two were going back and forth with it. But usually people are afraid to mess with Bridges cause he’s such a power figure in the industry. You know what I’m saying? He essentially has the power to make or break people’s careers almost.

J.P. Yeah for sure..

S.V. People have a lot of respect for him. But he is a regular person, he enjoys having fun.

J.P. Any shout outs or anything else to discuss before we wrap this up and make public?

S.V. Definitely love to give a shout out to Arbor Snowboards, just continuing all their support and just being there. The whole crew we had out at Superpark just make things possible for everybody to come out. It was really rad to hang out with everyone back there.

J.P. .. and, well that pretty much sums it up.